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Strengthening the whole by strengthening ourselves

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives .

With all of the uncertainty in our lives and the coronavirus seemingly taking over the world things seem surreal .I have never witnessed anything like this and Im thinking you haven't either . One question seems to keep bubbling up in my mind .

What's one small thing I can do to help ?

I suggest how we choose to act individually and collectively will have a profound impact on the outcomes we experience individually and collectively . Lets choose wisely

What can I do ? What can I do to help the collective whole ? Remember as Albert Einstein and many spiritual teachers have taught , we are all one .

I suggest it's time to focus on what we can actually control . I suggest we make wise choices .

If you're like me sitting in front of the t.v. and overeating are pleasurable activities and enjoyable pastimes . These and other vices are very easy to do , yet we all know these in excess are a detriment to our overall health and well being .

We need to be strong mentally and physically to survive and thrive in the time of covid-19 .

The universe is testing us collectively and individually . There are paths and choices in front of all of us . Strengthening ourselves strengthens the collective whole . Remember the wind extinguishes a flame yet feeds a fire . How strong are we ?

With so many of us on lockdown , with so many out of work . What is one simple thing I can do to help others and myself ?

We are at a crossroads , what paths shall we take ?

Fast forward one month from now . What have we done with our time ?

These things are easy to do and also easy not to do .

In one version of my future I laid around eating poorly and binge watching t.v. laying around taking it easy perhaps indulging other vices that pass time and temporarily relieve anxiety . Enjoyable in the moment perhaps ? I've seen the news over and over again pounding the seeds of despair into my collective consciousness . I've seen an excess of great movies and shows , or reruns of past sporting events , yes they were enjoyable in moment . However I know if I take this path I will likely gain weight and lose self esteem and self confidence , I will likely feel tired and sluggish . I will likely experience feelings of depression . Within the depths of my soul I will likely feel regret , disillusionment and anxiety. Thoughts of I could have or should have will echo in our minds . I will probably be weaker than I am today . Remember even if you're on this path at anytime you can begin on a another better path .

These also are things that are easy to do and all easy not to do .

Another path to choose .

Finally we have the time to implement a meditation practice .

Finally we have the time create and stick to exercise routine .

Finally we have time to plan and prepare healthy delicious meals that will feed our families nourish our minds and bodies . Soul food made with love , delicious and nutritious !

Finally we have time to journal about all there is to be grateful for and how we can help others through this time of great adversity .

Finally I have time to spend with my spouse , kids and pets . I finally have time to do the things around my house that have for so long needs doing .

And yes , I will take some time to enjoy some movies and indulge in other pleasures in moderation of course .

This version of ourselves gets healthier and stronger . Looks and feels great . Influences those around us positively .Can more clearly see and decipher the big picture challenges in front us . Has taken advantage of a difficult situation to gain mental and physical strength. And by strengthening ourselves we have done a small part and strengthened the collective whole . Lets throw our virtual hands in a pile a conquer covid-19 together one small thing we can control at a time .

Metaphorical question , how do you eat a elephant . Answer one bite at a time .

Do we want to simply pass this time ? Can we seize the time we are blessed with and plant seeds of hope and strength while we increase our zest and clarity ?

Let's build heroic strength . Lets control positively what is within our power to do .

A hero has strength for two . A hero's secret weapon is love . Sending love and soul hugs out to everyone .

What's one thing we can do today to strengthen yourself , your community , your world ?

When the lockdown ends will you be stronger or weaker than you are now ? Will you feel strong enough to conquer the challenges in front of you ? And finally will we be stronger or weaker collectively ?

Please feel free to comment .


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