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Power of Perspective

Perspective plays a crucial role in our happiness and overall well being . When what you want doesn’t materialize , the healthiest amongst us can find joy in what is . Others allow negative thoughts to bubble up and turn our joy sour . It’s not whats happening that sours our mood , but our interpretation of what is happening . Worse still we tend to ruminate on our misfortune enhancing the negative moods power over us .

     The event itself is neutral yet is assigned a negative or positive value by the ego . There are few absolutes in reality , but in the minds of people lacking perspective they exist much more definitively . One simple example would be the it’s raining outside . While some will find joy in the rain others will bemoan it . The event (rain) is neutral , it takes a meaning only when its assigned by the person experiencing it .

    When we learn to seek differing perspectives we also can alleviate the suffering brought on by fixed mental assessments . Changing perspectives can open doors held shut by the power of negative thinking . One example may be pre judging someone we have just met , we may not like them or think they don’t like us simply because they are different from us . Getting to know someone closer you may find you have much more in common than you first perceived . Meeting a new person should be thought of the same as exploring a new land or destination as everyone is different , trying to see things through their perspective may enhance yours .

     When negative thoughts start dancing through our heads we must quickly replace them with positive thoughts and contemplate a gratitude for all the blessings we enjoy . When we learn to shift perspectives will also allow us to better practice empathy . We can try and gain a better understanding of someone else’s views .

    Tips for calibrating perspectives , embrace challenges as opportunities . Remember that adversity is a great teacher and can help bring forth your best self . Remember to practice empathy , if you want someone to see things your way it’s best to start by trying to understand their point of view . When they feel your empathy and and your willingness to try and understand them , you may find they soften their stance and seek to understand your ideas .

Embrace change , change is a constant force in life .Those who learn to adjust to and embrace changes will find success . Focus on the present moment . Tomorrow  is a mystery , yesterday is history , today is the day to make your mark !

Surround yourself with positive influences . Remember you will acquire traits of the five people you spend the most time with . Choose wisely , if possible try to spend time with virtuous people you admire .

The constant barrage of negative news isn’t good for anyones perspective either  , and in this day and age , is it true ? I strongly recommend cutting back on the news consumption and check the sources motivation . Ask is it true or am I looking through only one perspective ?

 Finally find meaning your work , find meaning in your relationships and find meaning in helping others . Whatever you do , do it with love and a smile .Remember the big results comes through the small iterations.

    Realize there are lots of ways to interpret what’s going on in the world , when you change the way you think about them , you also change the way you internalize them . “Nothing is good or bad , thinking makes it so “ Shakespeare



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